Interactive Sex Toys

With interactive sex toys you not only increase your sensation of pleasure and the fun factor, but also as a cam performer your sales! This gadget should not be missing in your bedside drawer and cam shows!

What are interactive sex toys and how do they work?

Interactive sex toys can be remotely or externally controlled using a mobile phone, laptop, PC or tablet by an app via Bluetooth. The toys are available in different colors and shapes, for men there are also masturbators. The toy receives the commands via Bluetooth. This means that there must always be a Bluetooth-enabled device nearby. In the close range, it can be controlled directly via this Bluetooth device, from a further distance (= worldwide) you can grant permissions for remote control via the app. This allows your game partner to access your Bluetooth device over the Internet. Your device will then send the commands to your toy. Of course, the toys also spice up your private life, especially if you live in a long-distance relationship. In this article, however, we’ll focus on how it works in cam shows.

>>>Interactive sex toys in the private sector

Integration of interactive sex toys in your cam shows

Interactive sex toys, like those from Lovense, are real sales catalysts! The software and apps of many cam sites are compatible with these toys and the triggering of the impulses can be linked to tip payments. Simply put, if a customer tips, this triggers the command to activate your toy for a certain time. This enables your customers to actively influence what is happening and your increase in desire serves as a motivator for more and more tip payments. The higher the tip, the more intense the triggered impulse. Some sites limit the functionality to just a few commands, such as that a shorter vibration or stimulation is triggered when a lower tip is paid, and longer and more intensive when a higher tip is paid.

On the sites, you can set your own preferences and take greater advantage of the functionality of the toys. Among other things, duration and intensity can be set to certain tips or you can combine your toy with games you have defined yourself. How to connect your toy to the platform is described on the respective cam pages.


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