Broadcast on multiple platforms simultaneously with Cam Splitting

What is better than making money on one Cam site?

Correct! Earn money on two or more cam sites at the same time. Maybe you’ve already tried to transmit on two sites at the same time? If you did, you will quickly find out that webcams can only transmit on one app. If you are broadcasting live on one platform and trying to broadcast the stream on a second one, it will not work. Too bad, but luckily we do exist! We’ll tell you how you can use Cam Splitting to broadcast on multiple platforms at the same time an maximize your profits!

Mit Cam Splitting auf mehreren Plattformen gleichzeitig übertragen.

With cam splitting software, you can ensure that your webcam broadcast is transmitted to several apps or platforms at the same time. This is particularly useful when you work on token pages. The goal is to get as many users as possible into your room(s). The more users you have, the greater the chances of tip payments. Sounds logical. So it is. If you are waiting for a negative aspect, here you go: Firstly, not all cam sites support cam splitting software. The trend is more and more in the direction that the platforms are becoming more open here, but if you decide to transfer to a different cam site than listed here, please check yourself whether the function is supported. The other difficulty is keeping track of the different rooms and your users. In the medium and long term, there are regular customers that you should retain. With regular customers you achieve a secure source of income. So don’t neglect them. Make the best of it!

We have found a free software for you that does its job very well:SplitCam

With SplitCam you can set up the transmissions on the individual platforms in a short time. There are helpful tutorials on the homepage that will help you set up everything. Presets, such as for BongaCams and Chaturbate, also simplify handling. The two cam sites mentioned are also a very good choice for cam splitting. Why? Simply because both enjoy very high traffic, from which you can benefit twice with cam splitting.

If you don’t know yet how to become a cam model, you can figure it out right here:  Home >>>

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