Work anonymously as a webcam model

Can I work anonymously as a webcam model?

You may consider starting as a Cam Girl or Cam Boy. The earnings prospects, which are displayed on some platforms like magic pots of gold in a shop window, are far too tempting. These pots are actually just a small fraction of what can be earned in the adult entertainment industry. So it would be obvious that you simply get your share of this huge market, right?

Anonym als Webcam Model arbeiten

If it weren’t for a tiny problem: It’s about sexual entertainment. Not exactly a topic that is suitable for lunch with the family. How you feel about sexuality and pornography is one thing. How society thinks about it, the other. Everyone does it, hardly anyone talks about it. It is therefore difficult to be active as a live cam model in this tabooed environment with good knowledge and belief.

You still want your pot of gold. On the one hand, it is too tempting, while on the other hand, the socio-critical attitude makes it move further and further away. In order not to be out of line socially and still be able to get a share of this seductive billion dollar market, the synapses of some people feel motivated to search for creative solutions: “I do it anonymously. With mask and wig. Yes, I work anonymously as a webcam model. “

Chances of success for anonymous webcam models

Before we expose this honestly less creative than necessary approach, we take a very brief excursion into the human psyche without straying too much. Problems or opportunities gradually emerge on their own.

There are several reasons why people consume pornographic material. Physical satisfaction, with all the chemical processes that crank it up and make us feel happy, is one thing. Spiritual, mental motivators the other. Mostly it’s about fantasies. Whether it is secret, oppressed, subconscious, pronounced or situation-created, playful, drive-controlled or (not yet) lived out fantasies that need to be satisfied is of a different nature. As is well known, people are different. What one feels highly erotic may have a repulsive effect on the other.

From sexual expressions and fetishes

What deviates from the norm is often put in certain drawers. These are labeled with “expression” or “fetish”. In turn, there are various forms. Some find feet, socks, high heels or sneakers enormously stimulating, others like to smell worn underwear, like to be dominated or treated as slaves to achieve sexual satisfaction. Possibly (and probably) there are also people who are stimulated by seeing a cam model with a mask and wig. So you see, basically it is possible that you work anonymously as a webcam model. But it doesn’t make it any easier to become successful.

What options are there to work anonymously as a webcam model?

So that you still increase your chances of success as an anonymous cam model, we advise you to concentrate on the above-mentioned candidates in the drawers mentioned. Maybe you can position yourself well in a niche. Therefore, specialize and concentrate on specific areas and services that are compatible with your plan to remain anonymous.

However, the “norm” mentioned above is less about masks and wigs and more about faces and naturalness. Few porn films are made with people wearing masks and wigs. The drive of fantasies is to be able to turn them into reality. The more realistic a situation or a visual impression approaches the imagination, the more satisfying is the experience.

In the viewer’s fantasies, the actors hardly have any masks and wigs, which is why the image of you wearing a mask looks rather strange. The images in the viewers’ heads are also razor-sharp and not blurry. This as an indication that you should get a good webcam and optimally illuminate yourself. You rather should consider using geoblocking. This function allows you to block IPs from a specific region, state or country. If you block a region, nobody from this part of the worl can access your room or profile – Exept they use VPN’s to hide their IP address and location.  Alternatives offer telephone sex or FlirtSMS which Flirt4Free offers.



Working anonymously as a cam model is basically possible. However, it doesn’t make it easier to be successful! It’s best to focus on niches and / or services that are compatible with your project. However, if you want to reach the masses, it will be more difficult as a faceless model. Geoblocking would be a way to protect yourself from being seen by your family, relatives, or friends. But it does not protect you for 100%. Your streaming quality should be all the better to compensate for the missing face.




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