Increase Live Cam Model sales – How it works!

Increase Live Cam Model sales – How it works!

Have you often asked yourself how Live Cam Models can increase sales? Here’s how it works!

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With the tips you can increase your live cam model sales.

Becoming a webcam model, cam girl or cam boy is easy. In just a few clicks and with little effort you are registered on a cam page and you can get started. Your room is activated, your webcam is switched on, you start your transmission and then: nothing.

There are no or only a few spectators. Let’s jump right into it and figure out what might be wrong and more importantly, what you can do to improve your sales:



It is not surprising that your streaming quality can have the greatest impact on your success. After all, it’s visual stimuli, which count in live cam chats. To be successful in the long term, you should invest in a good HD webcam. Smartphones should still not be your primary tool in the long run. Even if the video quality has improved in recent years, the handling during your show is not optimal. You should be able to easily adjust the angle, orientation and, if necessary, the zoom to your situation. Ideally, you should get a remote controllable webcam.


The high quality of a good webcam is only fully exploited if the lighting is designed accordingly. In our article The right lighting for webcam shows, we have already explained how you can achieve optimal lighting that makes you look natural.

Internet connection:

What also influences your streaming quality is your internet connection. There is nothing more annoying for your viewers than a black screen due to a connection break in the middle of the action. Make sure you have enough upload speed and data volume. Whenever possible, use the Ethernet cable and not your WiFi.


The big picture counts. Make sure that you and the area visible to the webcam are visually appealing. You are at the center of the action, of course, but that affects the overall perception of your viewers. If the conveyed mood fits, spectators come to your room.

Regular customers:

You will quickly notice how important regular customers and followers become to you. At the beginning you don’t have any. However, you should try to change this quickly. Pay attention to your viewers and engage them in chats, talk or flirt with them. This will help you build a relationship with them and bind them to you. Returning customers are often the more willing to pay. You will soon notice which customers are worth interacting with. Your attention should be paid accordingly, so you should only dedicate it to viewers who are willing to pay. Adress good customers by their nickname or real name if they told you.

Social networks:

You can gain the above-mentioned followers outside of your cam platform as well. Set up profiles on social networks and refer to your cam profile. In addition, the establishment of a fansite is recommended. At you can create content that your followers can only view for a monthly fee. Keep the content up to date and post regularly so that your subscribers stay motivated. In this way you achieve a passive income that grows with your success and awareness. Make sure that you already provide enough content for those subscription pages right from the start. After all, customers pay to see content not empty spaces.

Scheduled show times:

Set your planned show times and publish them in your performer profile. Your followers need to know when they can see you online. A certain regularity and a schedule are recommended. The more often and the longer your show times are, the greater your earning potential. Invest time and harvest money. When you end a show, tell your viewers directly when you will be online again next time.

Personal appearance of a live cam model:

Most likely, the viewer can see frustrated faces enough at home. Smile and show yourself from your most likeable side. Enchant your viewers and create some magic moments. A bright, expressive make-up is recommended for cam girls. Cam boys score with hot underwear or specially themed outfits. Include current trends or occasions in your shows (e.g. Santa Claus in December, worker outfit on labor day, etc.) or announce themed shows and dress up accordingly. When asked about your relationship status, indicate that you are single and are actively looking for someone, regardless of your actual status. You should let your viewers dream a little.

Helpful tools:

Some sites offer chat bots that can do a lot of typing work for you. Tip Menu Chatbots can save you annoying work. You should also use your microphone to speak to the audience (preferably in English). Toys are also important and revenue-generating aids. Especially when they are interactive and their impulse is only triggered by tip payments. You can learn more about it in our article on Interactive Sex Toys. Some sites also offer that you can designate chat room moderators. If you have loyal customers who have ahve a crush on you, it is also in their interest that their girl / boy is treated fairly and that they generate good sales. If you have such a trustworthy person, appoint them as the room moderator. Discuss what you want them to do beforehand. You can reward them, for example, with a discounted tip payment for a specific action.

Tip (token) Chat or private chat Room:

Private chat rooms used to be the ultimate. Nowadays, however, token sites are more modern. According to BongaCams, their top live cam models generate 80-90% of their sales with tips. This is not surprising, because the amount you ask for a certain action is divided among many viewers. For example, if you ask € 100.00 to show a certain part of your body, the amount is probably too high for one person alone. But if you have a lot of spectators in your room and everyone only has to pay € 5-10, the amount for the individual will be quite low.

Referral Program:

Almost all cam sites offer affiliate programs. If you are registered as a model, inquire about the affiliate programs and commissions. You will often find a link in your profile that you can use to invite not registered users outside the camming platform. If a user follows this link and registers on the page, you will receive a higher commission from these customers if they pay you for a show. Even if a model mediates another model, a commission is often awarded.


Thank you for reading our article Increase Live Cam Model sales – How it works! As you can see, we have a lot of tips for you to help you get your sales in the right direction. In our section  Ttips & Tricks for Live Cam Models you will find more detailed explanations on these and other topics. Check back every now and then because we’re adding helpful posts frequently.




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