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Step-by-Step Guide

Become a live cam performer step-by-step guide

In this step-by-step guide, we show you how to start as a live cam performer in no time. We recommend that you read our  post about getting ready to start as a live cam performer beforehand, if you haven’t already done so.

1. Equipment required

2. Selection of the right artist’s name

3. Selection of the Cam Page

4. Registration Process

5. Create a Profile

6. Start Broadcasting


1. Equipment required

If you don’t have your technical equipment yet, we have to start here.

You need a webcam. It costs money. The better the quality of your broadcasts, the higher your chances of earning. In any case, an HD webcam with an integrated microphone is recommended. The built-in webcams in laptops are less suitable for this purpose.. Here you can find our selection of suitable webcams. Please make sure that the webcam is compatible with your operating system. Saving money on buying a webcam is saving money in the wrong place, after all, this is your most important tool.

Webcams für Cam Models
The webcam is the most important tool for live cam models.


You also need a PC or laptop. The common models are usually powerful enough to be able to send the stream via the respective software programs.

Internet: You won’t get far without a stable and reliable internet connection. The upload speed is particularly important here.

Last but not least: You need a suitable place from which to broadcast your shows. Most models broadcast from their bedrooms. However, it is entirely up to you where you broadcast from. Just make sure it is clean and tidy and you cannot be surprised by unregistered visitors bursting into your room.Recently there is a trend to broadcast from public places such as parks or forests or even from the car.


2. Selection of the right artist’s name

Please do not underestimate the importance of your artist name. Take your time and choose it well. You should be able to identify with it, after all it will be your alter ego. You can still change your artist name at a later date, but we do not recommend this. Rebranding is not recommended. Better to choose the right name from the start!

3. Selection of the cam page

If you search for live cam chat sites online, you will almost certainly find that there are a variety of providers. It is impossible to name the “right” one. Each of the pages has its own functions and special features and offers you great opportunities for making money from home. In some cases, there are also ways that you can earn money beside from broadcasting and even while you are offline.

Here you can find an overview of cam sites hiring live cam models. Our current recommendations are limited to three pages: Bongacams, Flirt4Free and Chaturbate. This is because these pages have the highest number of visitors and therefore offer the highest earning opportunities for you.

BongaCams Logo
BongaCams is currently the most visited webcam page. As a live cam model, you benefit from very high visitor numbers.

Flirt4Free Schriftzug
Flirt4Free has been on the market for 1/4 century and is considered a reliable partner.

Chaturbate Schriftzug
Chaturbate is young and provides a breath of fresh air at the live cam market. The site also generates considerable traffic.



4. Registration process

In the previous step you decided on a cam page. Now you have to register on the chosen site. Depending on the operator you have to click on “Become a model”, “Become a cam girl”, “Register as a cam boy” or similar and you are already in the registration process, which is self-explanatory. To registers, you must have your ID ready and complete the individual steps required. Fortunately, there aren’t many. As soon as you have submitted everything, your request will be processed and you will usually receive a confirmation within a very short time, explaining what you have to do to be able to transmit via the platform. Maybe you have to install a software or an app first. This does not cost anything, but is necessary for broadcasting.

Registration on Flirt4Free, Step 1: General data recording.


5. Create a Profile

Do not underestimate the effect of a well-filled profile! The options vary depending on the cam site, but most cam sites offer their own profile pages for their models. You should definitely fill this out as well and completely as possible. This creates closeness and many users of cam sites seek closeness. So give it to them. If there is a “Schedule” function available, it would be advisable to pay more attention to this over time. Once you have regular customers, they naturally want to know when they can see you again. Of course, alle the information you provide in your profile should fit you or your role. The more authentic the better. Keep in mind: The profiles can also be viewed when you are not online. Depending on the platform, you can also use it to sell pictures or videos on demand. This will help you make money even when you are not online.

Profil bei Flirt4Free
Here’s a good example of providing a detailed profile on Flirt4Free


6. Start Broadcasting

You have chosen a cam site, your registration has been confirmed and your profile is completely filled out.

Ladys and Gentleman and everyone in between … The show can begin!

Make sure you are well lit, the scenery is appealing, you feel comfortable, your Toys are at hand, and “Start broadcasting”. Most cam sites highlight newly registered cam models on their pages. So only register if you have enough time to benefit from this action. It would be a wasted opportunity if you didn’t claim this free marketing for yourself!



Affiliate Program
Bongacams up to 75% Yes: RevShare 25%, Referral 5%, …
Flirt4Free increasing scale Yes: RevShare 20-30*, PPL, PPS, …
Chaturbate 5¢ / Token Yes: RevShare 20%, PPL, …
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