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Cam Chat Rooms

Types of Cam Chat Rooms

We can differentiate between two types of cam chat rooms: public and private chat rooms. This refers to the accessibility to your stream. Put simply, all (even unregistered) users can see the stream when chatting in public spaces. This is not the case with private chat rooms. Only registered (= paying) users can see the show here. With private chats there are still some sub-categories like semi-private, voyeur mode, group or party chats. We will deal with this in more detail in another place. Now we focus on the public and private chat rooms:

Public Chat Rooms

In public cam show rooms, often called token sites, models can earn money in different ways. The most widespread variant is that of setting a tip target: the model sets a tip target and the site visitors pay tips until the tip target has been reached. If the tip target is reached, the webcam model starts the show or triggers the action specified.

There are also other types such as tip menus (reaching different tip levels trigger a corresponding action) or interactive tip payments that trigger vibrations in interactive Sex Toys These are particularly popular and profitable.

Private Cam Chat Rooms

In private cam show rooms you earn money for shows in your private room. You can do this by motivating a customer in public space to go with you to your private space. The customer then pays for this intimate experience. The payment is made per minute and depending on the cam site you can set the tariffs yourself or they are already specified. You can also get tips or gifts there. Some sites prohibit complete nudity in public chat (at least still) or have different requirements regarding broadcasts while in public space. So always read the corresponding performer agreement very carefully.

Public or private chat rooms – What is better?

Both types have their advantages and disadvantages. In public spaces, it is the mass of viewers that you can benefit from. The viewers share the payments of tips among themselves, resulting in a lower price for the individual visitor. The willingness to pay for smaller amounts is often greater. Streaming in public spaces also has the advantage that you can broadcast on several platforms at the same time and thus reach far more potential paying customers.

We explained how you can broadcast in parallel in our article on Cam Splitting Software. The flip side of the coin is that viewers can watch your show without paying. Unfortunately, most of them do that. Private rooms have the advantage that you get paid per minute. The quality of the customers is often higher and the willingness to pay is greater. Shows can also take longer there and free-riders do not get their free shows here. Our recommendation: do one thing, don’t let the other. Find out for yourself what works better and optimize the system for which you achieve better results.

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