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of Live Cam Models

Earning potential of live cam models

Verdienstmöglichkeiten von Live Cam Models
The earning potential of live cam models are performance-based.

If you are looking for the earning opportunities of live cam models on the Internet, you will come across impressive numbers. But how much does a live cam model really earn? Can you actually make money with the webcam? We’ll tell you!

Verdienstmöglichkeiten von Live Cam Models
The picture shows the top 3 live cam models on BongaCams in March 2020

The answer is not surprising at all: the earnings of a live cam model depend on the performance! If you work as an independent cam model, there is no fixed salary and no fixed wages. No specific amount can therefore be given. A model who approaches the matter with more motivation, commitment and time and takes our Tips into account will logically earn more than models who only do the bare minimum. However, we know that you would like to read a number, which is why we refer to an example:

On the graphic you can see the merit of the top 3 performers on BongaCams. The best cam girl earned the equivalent of around € 19,000 in March 2020. Can that be true? Yes. Am I going to make that much? With a high probability: No. At least not at the beginning, and certainly not if you only do the job on the side. If you believe the working hours (scheduled shows) of the first place listed here, PinkPanterka, she is online every day from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. This is more than a full-time job. On the other hand, her earnings are also much higher than in most full-time jobs. Scheduled shows are important to increase your number of followers and boost your sales! Your viewers need to know when you’re online!


Where do these numbers come from?

The providers do not make a big secret of the top merits of their models. Such numbers are of course extremely tempting and they are also true. But don’t let this kind of information lead you to wrong expectations! It is common knowledge that in the adult entertainment industry you can earn very well. But please keep in mind that you start from scratch. Nobody knows you. Nobody is waiting for you to start as a webcam performer right now! Our dear PinkPanterka has over 30,000 followers according to her profile. She didn’t get it overnight.

Perseverance and patience are crucial in successfully working as a Cam Girl or Cam Boy! You can also boost your sales by participating in competitions within the cam platform. There are competitions on most cam sites where the best models are rewarded with high cash prices. Prize money of over € 1,000.00 will be awarded there alone. Whenever you can, try to take part in such competitions! Appropriate self-marketing boosts your sales. Use social media, forums, classified ads and, above all, your profile page on the cam platform itself. You shouldn’t leave anything unturned and support your luck by all means.

Increase your Sales

Every successful Live Cam Model started small. Don’t rely on luck! Take active measures to become successful. In our article Increase Live Cam Model sales – How it works! you can find helpful Tips to increase your sales and avoid mistakes.


Impressive earning opportunities await only the top performers. The upper limits are practically open. But you’re not a top performer yet. You start from zero, so your sales at the beginning can be correspondingly low. Don’t let initial failures discourage you. Not even if you go empty-handed at one time or another. Your success grows with your community. Take part in competitions whenever possible and market yourself. Keep your profile up to date with scheduled show times and always remember: The more time and effort you invest, the more you will get out of it.


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