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Registration of businesses and payment of taxes

Don’t forget that you intend to make money working as a Webcam Girl or Webcam Boy and may generate income that is taxable. This applies to this and any other part-time job. So please inform yourself about the registration of businesses and the payment of taxes for income from part-time or main employment with official authorities, such as the trade office, the finance department, in trustworthy forums or with a tax advisor. The regulations in the countries in this regard vary.

It is likely that you are advised to register a small business. Sounds worse than it is. Don’t let that put you off! The bureaucratic effort and the registration process are fairly straightforward. The cost of registering a small business is around € 20- € 70. As long as you are within defined exemption limits and your sales or profits do not exceed certain thresholds, the whole process and required effort is still manageable.

The right desription for my bussines tip for business registration: In the field “registered activity” you can choose with a clear conscience something more neutral than “Cam Girl” or “Cam Boy”.


In addition to the fact that not everyone want to get connected with the job title Cam Girl or Cam Boy in a public office, you would also restrict your entrepreneurial freedom with the restriction to *Cam Model* very much. Since you could also expand your field of activity under certain circumstances, you should choose a forward-looking term, which is precise and correct, but leaves the doors open to your expansion plans from the outset, because a fee would be due again for changes or additions afterwards.

You can achieve this with the following description (field 15) and cover the job as a live cam model with pretty much all related areas that you could consider in the future:

“Online trading, marketing, brokerage and marketing of goods and services of all kinds as well as related activities in the area of ​​eCommerce, especially in the area of ​​digital communication.”


Muster: Gewerbeanmeldung Deutschland
Sample of a business registration in Germany.

Another of these areas could be the start with affiliate marketing.Here we explain how to start with web cam affiliate marketing.

Note 1 – Country comparison: While you should register a business very quickly in Germany and Austria, you can take a little more time in Switzerland as a proof of income or customers is required there. (Which does not mean that you can omit the income from your tax return.)

Note 2 – If you do not only work as a cam girl or cam boy “on the side or now and then”, please also remember that you e.g. you need health insurance and keep your retirement savings in mind.

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